Thursday, 27 August 2015

Festival of Quilts highlights: Part 1

It was the Festival of Quilts a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would show you my highlights of the show, obviously this is what caught my eye and they may not be 'Winners' at the show but I liked them.
So lets start with the miniatures...

Adore the colour combination on this Miniature Quilt.

This really appealed to me, was really impressed by the level of detail.

I think this would have been a potential winner, it was made by Phillipa Naylor who has won in the past but this quilt was too large for the 'miniature' category.  Again, fantastic delicate detailing. 

Love this for its level of accuracy

I liked this for its originality and again for its outstanding accuracy on such a small piece of work!

Every time I see the miniature Quilts I think 'How did they manage to do that?'

So, miniatures always impress me but I'm a traditional girl at heart and my favourite Quilt - and also voted the best Quilt by visitors to the Festival - was called 'Stonefield' and was made by 2 people.  If you type in 'Stonefield' you'll get lots of links concerning this Quilt, ironically, I saw the kit for the Quilt -retailing at £110 ish and that's not including fabric- on a Dutch stand Petra Pins and I had holidayed a few miles away from them this Summer! I was very tempted by to make it, however common sense got in the way and I decided that once I finish my other 2 pieces of WIP's then I may make it or a
Quilt like it.

I loved the individual blocks on this Quilt .....

The 'Stonefield' Quilt really reminded me of an old traditional Quilt that I saw on the Quilter's Guild stand and I thought it was rather lovely..........

it was made in 1872 by children in an infant school where needlework was part of their education and also reinforced their learning with regard to 'morality'.  How times have changed.

Hope you like these Quilts, if not there's more to come....

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A quilt for the Festival of Quilts

In my last post I said I was making a Quilt for the 'Festival of Quilts' and I'm happy to say that I have just finished making it - phew! What a relief!  The design was 'Reflecting Pools' and its from the Quilts in Sweden book which is one of my favourites.  Although a lot of the designs are by Kaffe this particular quilt is by Sally Davies.

So the fabric arived and the main metreage was on the 'Japanese Chrysanthemum' fabric which I had to 'fussy cut' to get 18 Chrysanthemums - this really started to gobble the fabric up and I still needed some very long borders.
So the Chrysanthemums were then log cabinned.
And I then started to work on the 3 x 4 blocks using Millefiore Blue and the Chrysanthemum fabric.
There was 9 of these....
Meanwhile, I was waiting for my new favourite fabric -Bekah - from Cotton Patch who supplied me with all the fabric.
Which I then had to make into 3x4 blocks with the Chrysanthemum fabric again - 8 of these.
So when they were finished I started to plot my Quilt and realised that my sitting room, or any room, was big enough for this.
Then I pieced it together and displayed it at school to take a photograph.
Here are some close up pics of this gorgeous Quilt, I can truly say its exquisite it is so yummy I could eat it.  It's been sent back down to Cotton Patch for long arm quilting and I'm really looking forward to seeing it at The Festival of Quilts.

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